A – Art, F – Feminism, A Topical Dictionary, Moscow 2015


  • Ilmira Bolotyan
  • E. Susanna Weygandt




Russia and East Europe, defining gender, feminism, visual art, contemporary performance art


Selections from the translated dictionary, A -Art; F – Feminism / I-iskusstvo; F-feminizm (published in 2015 in Russian by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation) appearing here are dictionary terms accompanied by photographs excerpted from an art exhibition (at various venues in Moscow), also called I-iskusstvo; F-feminizm. It’s a historical project in that one of the mediums in the exhibition, needlework, evokes a period earlier in history when the art that was most available to women was sewing and needlework, which was also their main area of labour. This is also a social project: the artists, who represent different nationalities of the region, including Ukrainian, intend to raise awareness of singularly female experiences in the Russian Federation, including domestic violence, migration, and ageing. The artist-scholar Ilmira Bolotyan assembled the dictionary, and most of the entries were written by feminist artists from Russia and Ukraine. Weygandt, together with students of her Russian Language & Contemporary Society university course, interviewed Bolotyan. 

Kseniia Sonnaia, “Zdravstvui, sestra” (2015).




How to Cite

Bolotyan, Ilmira, and E. Susanna Weygandt. 2023. “A – Art, F – Feminism, A Topical Dictionary, Moscow 2015”. Apparatus. Film, Media and Digital Cultures of Central and Eastern Europe, no. 16 (September). https://doi.org/10.17892/app.2023.00016.353.

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